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Certificate of No Impediment

Do you want to get married outside of the Netherlands as a Dutch person? Then you can apply for a multilingual certificate of no impediment. The certificate of no impediment is valid for 6 months. You can apply for this certificate of no impediment in person at the town hall. This is done by appointment. Would you like to make an appointment? Then call 14 036 (from abroad: +31 36 539 99 11).


You can apply for a certificate of no impediment if:

  • you are a Dutch national;
  • you are registered in the Municipality of Almere or you live abroad and Almere was your last residence in the Netherlands.

The civil registrar will check whether you are allowed to enter into marriage before a certificate of no impediment can be issued. All prenuptial agreements which would apply if you were to get married in the Netherlands will apply here too. 

What to bring along

Bring all of your and your partner’s required documents (certified if necessary) when applying for the certificate of no impediment. These documents will be different for everyone. If you’re at all unsure, you can call 14 036 to find out which documents you need to bring with you.

As a certificate of no impediment applies to both partners, the certificate can only be issued if you can also present your foreign partner’s documents. Not possible? For example, we can’t issue the certificate if your partner comes from a country where no documents are issued to the parties themselves (like Romania, for example). It’s not possible to issue the certificate of no impediment for a single (one) person. In that case it would be best to request an international extract from the PRD, stating the Civil Status. 


Certificate of No Impediment€ 27.50
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