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Extract from Municipal Personal Records Database

An extract from the Personal Records Database (PRD) is an official statement that you’re registered as a resident with the municipality of Almere.

This contains the following information:

  • Your family name
  • Your first name(s)
  • Your date and place of birth
  • Your current address
  • The date of issue of the extract
  • Signature by civil servant

Request PRD extract

The PRD extract will be sent within 5 working days. The postal service can subsequently take 3 days before it actually arrives in your letterbox.

What you need to know

  • You don’t always need to apply for an extract for a housing offer via Ymere, de Alliantie or Goede Stede. The housing association will let you know whether you need an 'extract with address history'. You can apply for this extract yourself if you have requested for your personal data to remain confidential.
  • Opt for an 'extract with address history’ to register for a home with another home provider.
  • An international extract has a fixed format. You can’t choose which data will be featured on it.
  • You can only request data from the PRD for an extract if you're registered in Almere.
  • Do you need proof of Dutch citizenship? Then make an appointment to apply for a PRD extract. This applies to both the international and the Dutch version. You can’t apply for this extract online.

Application at the counter in person

You can apply for an extract from the PRD in person at Burgerzaken in the town hall. This is done by appointment. You will immediately receive the extract upon presentation of a valid proof of identity. You can pay with a debit card.


Extract PRD when applying via website€ 13.75
Extract PRD when applying at the counter€ 15.95
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