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Bulky waste

Different rules apply to residual waste which doesn’t fit in the waste container or underground container. You can either take this to a waste recycling centre yourself, or you can arrange to have it collected.

The things you want to throw away may well still be useful to someone else. You could offer them to a charity shop, or post them in a giveaway group on social media.

You can take your waste to one of the three waste recycling centres free of charge. Tip: bring your waste type by type, this will make sure you’re done in no time at all. So wood with wood, plastic with plastic and metal with metal. You will not be able to leave any residual waste and unsorted construction and demolition waste here.

These products will be picked up

  • Brown and white goods: electrical appliances such as television, washing machine, refrigerator, sunbed (note: fluorescent lamps must be removed).
  • Other bulky waste: sofas, cupboards, mattresses, (garden) furniture or parts thereof, pallets, iron, polystyrene foam, surfboards, awnings (in parts no longer than 1.5 meters).

These products are not picked up

  • Asbestos
  • Cadavers
  • Car wrecks and car parts, trailers, folding trailers, caravans, boats, mopeds and scooters
  • Cardboard, paper or textiles (this is collected separately or you take it to a collection point nearby)
  • Flat glass (windows and mirrors)
  • Gas bottles
  • Glass vases, bottles or jars (dispose of yourself in glass containers)
  • Leaf, garden and pruning waste
  • Pottery or porcelain
  • Plaster, rubble, concrete, tiles, floor tiles or ceramic sanitary ware
  • Railway sleepers
  • Residual waste (household, not even in bags)
  • Roofing felt
  • Roof tiles, corrugated sheets
  • Sand, earth, gravel or turf
  • Small chemical waste
  • Stones, concrete or old pavement
  • Trees, Christmas trees, trunks and stumps

Arrange for bulky waste to be collected

You can make an appointment online to have bulky waste collected. Take into account a waiting time of about 3 weeks. It is not possible to change or cancel the appointment online. To change or cancel your appointment, please call 14 036. You can also take bulky waste to the waste recycling centres, these centres are open 6 days a week.

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