Parking fees

Paid parking is in place at various locations in Almere in Stad and Buiten. You can park your car in multi-storey car parks, at outdoor car parks or on the road. Parking is cheapest in a multi-storey car park. Parking on the road or at an outdoor car park is slightly more expensive.

If you live in a paid parking zone then you can apply for a parking permit or subscription for your car(s). You can apply for an exemption for a blue zone.

Payment hours

The following paid parking hours are applicable on the road, at outdoor car parks, and in multi-storey car parks. The paid parking hours are also applicable on all national public holidays.

DayAlmere BuitenAlmere Stad
Monday - Saturday08.00 - 22.0007.00 - 24.00
Sunday12.00 - 17.0012.00 - 24.00

Multi-storey car parks

 Almere BuitenAlmere Stad
Starting rate€ 0,20€ 0,22
Hourly rate€ 1,68

€ 2,17

Maximum daily rate€ 2,00€ 10,30
Maximum evening rate (between 18.00 and 0.00)N/A€ 5,44
Day subscriptionN/A€ 11,00
Multi-day ticket (consecutive calendar days), per day€ 2,00€ 11,00

You pay the hourly rate in Almere Stad per minute if you pay by card. Do you pay in cash? Payment is rounded up to units of € 0,50.

Street parking

 Almere BuitenAlmere Stad
Starting rate€ 0,27€ 0,27
Hourly rate€ 1,68€ 2,72
Maximum daily rate€ 2,00€ 19,00
Multi-day ticket (consecutive calendar days), per day€ 2,00€ 19,00

Parking lots

There are four parking lots in Almere Stad. These are the Koolzaadveld, Hennepveld, Hospitaalterrein, and Tegelzetterdek.

Starting rate€ 0,27
Hourly rate€ 2,17
Maximum daily rate€ 10,30
Evening rate (between 18.00 and 0.00, using call parking)€ 5,44

Touring car parking

Paid parking for touring cars is available in the city centre of Almere Stad at parking on the Landdroststraat and the Odeonplaats. A reduced parking fee applies to touring cars for these specific car parks (parking ticket available via the ticket dispenser). The price of a day ticket is € 10,40.

Parking card Almere Buiten

If you often park in one of the multi-storey car parks in Almere Buiten then a parking card may also be handy. By inserting a parking card when entering and leaving all multi-storey car parks and outdoor car parks in Almere you can pay in an easy and fast way. The parking card can be topped up at every multi-storey car park or outdoor car park. The one-off costs for the parking card are € 5.00 and they are available at the Parking Service. You cannot use the parking card for parking on the road.

If you park in one of the multi-storey car parks in Almere Stad then you can enter and leave with your credit card or bank card.