Bike Depot


The Bike Depot is located at the Esplanade 00 in Almere Stad. This is across the Kunstlinie.

Opening hours

Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10.00 - 12:30 and from 13.00 - 17:00.

Bicycles are more than welcome in Almere. As long as they are parked properly. They cannot create dangerous situations. That is why we have a number of rules for the parking of bicycles and mopeds. We remove:

  • Bicycles that were parked dangerously
  • Bicycles that were parked incorrectly beyond the thereto-designated facilities. Bicycles that were parked incorrectly cause nuisance because they reduce the passage of walking routes and result in a cluttered street scene
  • Orphaned bicycles: bicycles that have been at the same location for more than 21 days (also in secure bicycle sheds)
  • Bicycle wrecks: bicycles that can no longer be cycled on, that lack essential components, or of which it is clear that they have not been ridden for a long time.

We carry out enforcement in the city centre of Almere Stad and Almere Buiten (the swimming pool - Baltimoreplein area). As well as in all station zones.

Pick up bicycle at the Bike Depot

We take removed bicycles to the Bike Depot. The bicycles are stored there for 13 weeks. You can pick up your bicycle upon payment of € 25.00 and presentation of your identity document and the key of the bicycle. You can only pay by card at the Bike Depot. Pick-up is possible without appointment.

Look for your bicycle

Did you lose your bicycle? Then you can check on the website (Dutch only) as to whether it has ended up at the Esplanade Bike Depot. When we place a bicycle at the depot, we scan the bicycle and take a photo. When your bicycle is on this website then the address where the bicycle can be picked up is shown. 

File a report

Did you not find your bicycle at the Esplanade Bike Depot? Then the chance is considerable that it was stolen. Then always file a report! The Esplanade Bike Depot works together with the police on the prevention of bicycle theft.    

You can file a digital report. Go to ​politie.​nl/​aangifte (Dutch only).