Waste collection schedule

Do you want to know when your waste is collected? Check the days and the type of waste on the website or in the Almere Afval App. Here you can also read everything about separating, collecting and offering waste in your neighborhood.

Waste calendar

Do you want to know when your waste is collected? To get the calendar for your home address, enter your zip code and house number. Then you will see the next dates on which the bins are emptied. 

To the Waste calendar

Almere Waste app

The Almere Waste app is for residents of the municipality of Almere. You enter your zip code and house number once. The app then retrieves the relevant data for you and displays it. In the app you can find on which days which bin must be put on the road. You can also set a reminder. And do you wonder which type of waste goes in which bin? This app will answer that too. 

In this app you will find: 

  • Current collection days
  • A reminder function so that you are never late with offering your recycling container
  • Help with which bin to put in which container
  • Locations of underground containers for GFT waste, glass, old paper and cardboard, residual waste and plastic packaging, tins and drinking pack waste (PMD waste) 
  • Tips and messages about waste from the municipality of Almere

Download Almere Waste App

Want the Almere Waste app on your phone? Scan the QR codes above that come with your phone. Or go to the Playstore for Android phones or the App store of IPhone.