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Name change

You can always change the use of your surname online. Possibly after a divorce, but also during a marriage or registered partnership.

You can opt for:

  • purely your own name
  • purely your partner's name
  • your partner's name followed by your own name
  • your own name followed by your partner’s name

Your choice will be included in the PRD (Personal Records Database). This will ensure other government organisations are also made aware. However, they are not obliged to use it. You will need to inform other institutions and companies about your choice yourself.

Official documents like a passport or driving licence will always state your own surname (possibly supplemented by your partner’s name), even if you’ve chosen a different surname.

Have you not provided notification of a change after a divorce, marriage or registered partnership? Then the surname will not change and you will be addressed in the same way as before.


If you want the municipality to address you with a different surname than is currently the case, you can request this yourself online (DigiD required). You will receive written notification as soon as your choice of name has been processed.

Change name usage This form is only available in Dutch.

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