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Getting married at a different location

Would you rather get married or register your partnership somewhere other than at the Municipality of Almere’s town hall? Then you can choose another wedding location in Almere.

You will also need to pay for the use of the location. These costs will vary per location and will also depend on your own individual requirements. Please contact the venue itself for more information. The location must always minimally meet the following requirements:

  • The location must be within the municipal boundaries;
  • The location’s address must be registered in the land registry;
  • The location must be public and freely accessible to everyone;
  • The location may not be contrary to public order and common decency;
  • The location’s proprietor must have given his or her prior written consent;
  • The safety of the marriage officiant must be guaranteed;
  • In case of a catering facility: a statement from the fire service or a recent inspection report/permit for fire safety requirements must be submitted;
  • In case of a place of worship: the civil marriage must precede the religious marriage. These may not be combined in one ceremony;
  • The location must have a covered and enclosed space.

You can even get married at home. The following additional requirements would apply to this:

  • the location must be fireproof;
  • the owners and the future couple are responsible for safety and make sure the home location is accessible to everyone;
  • the future couple must report / apply for an event permit if more than fifty guests are due to attend.
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