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Register foreign documents

You will need to make an appointment if you want to provide the municipality with foreign documents. Call 14 036 (from abroad: +31 36 539 99 11) for an appointment. We will then include your documents in the Personal Records Database (PRD).

Which foreign documents do we include in the PRD? 

  • a birth certificate;
  • a marriage certificate;
  • a partnership registration certificate;
  • a divorce certificate or decree;
  • a death certificate.

Converting a certificate into a Dutch certificate

We will record your certificate in the Personal Records Database (PRD) after your appointment. You can subsequently also have the certificate converted into a Dutch certificate at the Municipality of The Hague if you so wish.

Needed for your appointment 

  • the original document;
  • your presence during the appointment;
  • your document must meet legalisation requirements;
  • only documents in the Dutch, English, German and French language won’t require translation by a certified translator. 

Application for someone else

You will need to bring the following to your appointment:

  • a completed authorisation form (PDF, 90,1 kB);
  • a copy of your passport and/or identity card (if you have one);
  • a copy of the front and back of your residence permit (if you have one);
  • the original document.


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