From the moment of its establishment in 1976, Almere has been one of the fastest growing cities in Europe.

Since its initial development as a suburban area east of Amsterdam, it has grown into the status of Holland ’s most exemplary new town. In just 36 years it has attracted over 197,000 residents and 16,500 businesses. Almere is the largest city in the province of Flevoland and the seventh largest city in the Netherlands. This website contains a wealth of information about the city, its ambitions, its corporate sector, its facilities and the opportunities that residents, businesses and institutions alike can seize in order to actively turn Almere into the full-fledged sustainable city it seeks to become.


Almere opens doors in Shenzhen for local entrepreneurs

Press release November 2014

Official visit major Jorritsma and alderman Pol to Shenzhen
Almere opens doors in Shenzhen for local entrepreneurs

Over the last two years the municipality Almere has established a special cooperation with the Chinese city Shenzhen. A city, which is also a New Town like Almere, both approximately 35 years young  and  which faces similar challenges as Almere. Since 2013 both cities have an agreement to share knowledge and experiences in the area of urban development, education, culture, innovation, investments and trade. This is currently taking place in the area of urban development and culture. There is also a student exchange between the colleges and universities. In November the municipality Almere, as a partner of Amsterdam Inbusiness, took 7 regional companies to Shenzhen hoping to open up doors for local entrepreneurs and to stimulate possible trade missions.

On Friday 14 November alderman Mark Pol of economic development travelled to Shenzhen with delegates from 7 companies from the region Flevoland/Noord Holland. Three out of the seven companies are from Almere. Locally individual appointments were made with companies within the Shenzhen area. In order to find trading partners and to arrange export and import. The appointments were made by the Dutch Consulate in Guangzhou. Alderman Mark Pol: “With this trip we confirm the bond  with Shenzhen in which we have invested over the past years, where this time the economic motives are paramount. New and important to us is that entrepreneurs from Almere and our region can benefit from this cooperation.”

Suitable location to establish
During the visit the Shenzhen Hi Tech Fair took place as well. This is the largest High tech convention in China. The municipality Almere has been requested to be present at the Holland stand (a cooperation between Almere/Amsterdam Inbusiness and the The Hague region). The Netherlands, mainly the area Almere/Amsterdam and The Hague were represented there as trading partner and as a suitable location, to establish Chinese companies, in Europe. Alderman Pol and alderman Klein, officially opened the stand.

Electric transport
The seven participating companies from the region visited the Chinese government and Chinese companies individually. In order to make it a fruitful appointment, the presence of a local administrator has added value in China.
Later in the week a roundtable session took place for the Chinese trade and industry. The theme was “electric transport in The Netherlands”, where four companies from the delegation participated, who are specialized in electric transport. Major Jorritsma attended this roundtable. Furthermore, she discussed the cooperation on Chinese-Dutch and/or local projects. Afterwards, was a meeting planned with her colleague Xu from Shenzhen.

Alderman Pol will accompany the delegation from 14 to 19 November, major Jorritsma from 19 until 21 November. Subsequently to the visit major Jorritsma, being a member of the board, remained in China to participate in a congress of the UCLG.

Almere and Toronto sign an intention agreement

Press release April 2014

Almere and Toronto sign an intention agreement

The Municipal Executive in Almere and Toronto in Canada have come to an agreement on further cooperation. For Almere, Toronto is an important partner for the Floriade, Growing Green Cities and for Smart Society, because the town is leading in the area of urban agriculture, food strategy and smart cities. The city Toronto would like to learn more from Almere like the separated traffic streams, civil participation and  dealing with the  (care) facilities within the districts. Alderman Henk Mulder: “Toronto is world leader on the issue of food urbanization – an important theme for the Floriade 2022. Therefore, we are excited that we have signed this agreement.”

The intention agreement is linked to the agreement which will be entered between the three important institutions: Ryerson University in Toronto, Nyenrode and CAH Vilentium in the Netherlands.