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From the moment of its establishment in 1976, Almere has been one of the fastest growing cities in Europe.

It was initially developed as a suburban area in the east of Amsterdam, however, it has grown into the status of being Holland’s most exemplary new town. In just 36 years it has attracted over 197,000 residents and 16,500 businesses. Almere is the largest city in the province of Flevoland and the seventh largest city in the Netherlands. This website contains information about the city, its ambitions, its corporate sector, its facilities and the opportunities that residents, businesses and institutions can seize in order to actively turn Almere into the full-fledged sustainable city it seeks to become.


The next stage in the successful collaboration between Almere and Shenzhen

2nd of June 2016

On behalf of the city of Almere, Mayor Weerwind has signed a declaration of intent which has upgraded the relationship between Almere and Shenzhen from ‘Friendly City’ to ‘Sister City’. Key themes in this collaboration are the strengthening of higher education, promoting economic development and contributing to the Floriade.

The first agreement between the two cities was signed in June 2013 and has already shown positive effects. An example of this is that a five-year contract for the Dutch organization International New Towns Institute ( INTI ) has emerged, which will be funded by Shenzhen. Also an exchange project was started between CAH Almere and Polytechic College in Shenzhen and there has been a trade mission. However, the previous agreement was more a stimulant to cooperation and this will broaden and become more formal with the signing of the ‘Sister City’ agreement.

By using each other’s network and exchanging knowledge and experience, there is a possibility of learning from each other and working collaboratively on projects that interests both cities. In this context, the upgrade of the Memorandum of Understanding to a ‘Sister City’ has extra value because Almere thus enters the inner circle of international relations of Shenzhen. With the upgraded agreement, Almere now has access to the international network, companies, universities of Shenzhen and of course the Chinese government.

Just like Almere, Shenzhen belongs to the so called ‘New Towns’. In these cities, a lot is still being built and innovative projects are taking place. One of these projects is the Floriade which Almere will organize in 2020 and Shenzhen has formulated a major ambition in CO2 reduction in the city. In the same context, the Low Carbon Summit is held annually and has appointed two districts known as Eco Cities, Pingdi and Guangming New Town. There is a close cooperation with Guangming New Town.

Shenzhen is also interesting for the higher education institutions in Almere with an eye on student exchanges and the development of international education programs.

In addition, more and more Dutch companies discover the opportunities offered by the Chinese market, including companies from Almere and Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. To stimulate the local economy, it is important for the municipality to support these companies and help set up a network in order to do business with China.

Mayor Weerwind welcomes the Japanese ambassador

Mayor Weerwind has welcomed Mr. Hiroshi Inomata, the Japanese ambassador in the Netherlands, in the Town Hall of Almere. The management of six Japanese companies Nidec, Mitsubishi Forklift, Kobelco Construction, Kobelco Cranes and Yakhult, who are all located in Almere, were also present. This meeting took place ahead of the visit the Mayor has planned to Japan in September this year. 

Japan in the second largest foreign investor in Almere. There are 11 big and medium-sized Japanese companies located in Almere. Together they are responsible for thousands of jobs in the city. The existing companies have invited the Mayor to visit their headquarters in Japan. During these visits, Mayor Weerwind will be supported by the organization Amsterdam Inbusiness(AIB). AIB is a collaboration between the municipalities of Amsterdam, Almere, Amstelveen and Haarlemmermeer. One of their main responsibilities is attracting and retaining Japanese investments in Almere and the region.