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Welcome in Almere

The municipality of Almere corresponds in Dutch. But not everyone speaks the Dutch language. That’s why we’re offering important information on this page for new residents in English too.

Leaflet Waste collection in Almere (“Afvalinzameling in Almere”)

If you have just arrived in a new neighbourhood or municipality, you may well notice that the waste collection is organised slightly differently compared to your previous neighbourhood or municipality. This leaflet will provide you with all the information you need about waste collection in Almere. We have also prepared a checklist, on which you can tick off what you need to arrange. Waste is collected in two different ways in Almere: via underground containers or with waste containers at the property.

Underground containers

You will deposit your waste in an underground container if you live in a high-rise building, for example in an apartment complex. You can find the nearest underground containers in our app for smartphones: the Almere Afval-app. There are containers for gft (vegetable, fruit and garden waste and food remnants), pmd (plastic and metal packaging and drink cartons), paper and cardboard, glass and residual waste. You can request a free waste pass if your local underground container doesn’t open without a pass. You can request your pass online ( or you can call 14 036 (both Dutch only).

Waste containers at the property

If you live in a low-rise property, in most cases you should use the waste containers which form part of your property in order to have your waste collected. In some neighborhoods only underground containers are used. You need to request these containers yourself if you’re moving into a new property with waste containers at the property. Waste containers can be requested online ( or via telephone number 14 036 (both Dutch only). 

You will usually request three waste containers. You won't necessarily need a paper container, as you also have the option of using the underground containers for paper and cardboard. 

- a duo container for gft (waste and residual waste)
- a pmd container for (plastic and metal packaging and drink cartons)
- if desired: a paper container

Waste calendar and the Almere Afval-app

The waste container needs to be placed along the roadside in the designated place. You can consult the waste calendar to find out on which day the waste is collected in your street. Or you can download the Almere Afval App. To find out more, visit

Bulky waste

Different rules apply to residual waste which doesn’t fit in the waste container or underground container. You can either take this to a recycling platform yourself, or you can arrange to have it collected.

The things you want to throw away may well still be useful to someone else. You could offer them to a charity shop, or post them in a giveaway group on social media.

You can take your waste to one of the three recycling platforms in Almere free of charge. Tip: bring your waste type by type, this will make sure you’re done in no time at all. So wood with wood, plastic with plastic and metal with metal. You will not be able to leave any residual waste and unsorted construction and demolition waste here.

The recycling platforms’ addresses

• Almere Poort recycling platform, Argonweg 81, 1362 AD Almere

• Almere Buiten recycling platform, Vlotbrugweg 36, 1332 AJ Almere

• Almere Haven Upcyclecentrum, De Steiger 113, 1351 AK Almere

Please visit (Dutch only) for opening times and to find out what you can and can’t deposit here.

Arrange for bulky waste to be collected

You can also arrange for any bulky waste to be collected. You need to make an appointment for this. Do make sure you take a possible waiting time into account. For more information and to make an appointment: (Dutch only).

Are you helping to keep your neighbourhood clean and tidy?

Would you like to help to keep the street and neighbourhood clean and tidy? You can request waste pickers and waste bags free of charge.

For more information and to register: (Dutch only).

Any questions?

Please do go and take a look at (Dutch only) for more information. You also have the option of calling 14 036 for more information.


  • If so required: request a waste pass
  • Check to see when which waste container is emptied
  • If you don’t yet have your own waste container, you can request this for free from (Dutch only)
  • Download the Almere Afval-app
  • Are you helping to keep the city clean and tidy? Go to (Dutch only) and participate
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