Municipal Executive

The day-to-day administration of Almere is in the hands of the Municipal Executive, made up of the mayor (Hein van der Loo) and seven alderpersons. The mayor is appointed by Royal Decree for a renewable term of six years. The alderpersons are appointed for four years by the coalition parties that form a majority in the city council.

Hein van der Loon/aAdministration, Public Order and Safety and External Relations
Julius LindenberghVVDBuilding, Living and Accessibility
Maaike VeeningenD66Economic Development, MBO and HBO, City Center Development, Urban Renewal, Sports, Diversity and Inclusivity
Alexander SprongSPEnvironment and climate, Environmental plan, Environmental permits, Enforcement and Real estate
Jesse LuijendijkPartij voor de DierenAnimal welfare, Public space, Climate adaptation, Circular raw materials, Biodiversity and Nature
Kees AhlesLeefbaar AlmereFinance, Organization, Municipal services, Art and culture
Roelie BoschChristenUnieYouth and family, Education, Welfare and Livability
Froukje de JongeCDAWork and income, Poverty, Housing and care, Integration and Public Health