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About Almere

Almere is one of the main cities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. It is located in the province of Flevoland and borders the cities Lelystad and Zeewolde.

The city was created from nothing. It is literally at the bottom of what was once an inland sea, four metres below sea level. Completely planned and designed to provide Amsterdam, one of Europe’s most densely populated and important economic regions, with space for housing and businesses. Ever since it was first built in 1975, Almere has been a vital part of the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The city is still young. Yet Almere is firmly anchored in this ancient urban area, which has a rich history in international trade, science and the arts, and is renowned for its tolerance and diversity.

Sustainable city of the future

Almere has grand ambitions. It aims to become the most sustainable city of the future, ecologically, socially and economically. An accommodating, liveable New Town for current and future generations.

Almere is showing that it can be done: it’s a city in a rich natural environment, where quality of life is a top priority. This quality resonates in the city’s buildings, its public spaces and the surrounding greenery. In its honest produce, clean water and clear air. But this quality is also felt in the way people interact with each other. Indeed, Almere is inclusive and wants everyone to participate. After all, it’s the people who make the city. This inclusiveness is reflected in the many opportunities people have to discover and develop themselves, find inspiration, follow a rewarding education or start a business and conquer the world.

Opportunities for everyone

Almere is growing fast. This is true of the entire Amsterdam metropolitan region. This lively and dynamic international hub and gateway to Europe attracts people from all over the world.

With almost 225,000 inhabitants, Almere is the eighth-largest city in the Netherlands. In the coming decades, tens of thousands more homes will be built. By 2050, the population of Almere is expected to reach 325,000. Almere has room to grow. Plots of land have been left open throughout the city to accommodate future expansion or a change in use, if circumstances require this or if wishes should change. Almere is and will remain a fundamentally makeable city. A city with unprecedented opportunities for everyone.

Key facts and figures

  • Inhabitants: 226,745 (January 2024)
  • Travel time to Schiphol Airport by train: 26 minutes
  • Number of jobs: 89,000
  • Number of companies: 24,750
  • Number of international jobs: 6,750
  • Expats: 1,500
  • Different cultures: 192


Do you want more information about Almere? Contact the International Affairs Department of the Municipality of Almere. Send an email to or call 14 036 (from abroad: +31 36 539 99 11). We are happy to assist you.


Almere and the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area have a rock-solid international competitive position. This is a perfect base for anyone operating in Europe and the rest of the world. International entrepreneurs recognise themselves in the people of Almere because they like to tackle things head-on and have a pioneering spirit.

An increasing number of foreign companies are settling in Almere. It’s strategically located within an extensive network of national and international opportunities. The digital infrastructure is also top-notch. Almere has a favourable business climate for start-ups and scale-ups. It’s also an appealing city for international talent and expat families because it has a vibrant international community and offers a diverse range of housing and international schools.

For more information about doing business in Almere please visit our dedicated website

To make an appointment at the business service desk or to ask business-related questions, call 14 036 (from abroad: +31 36 539 99 11) or fill in our contact form (in Dutch only).

Illustratie Almere skyline