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You need to make an appointment to apply for a passport. You will need to pay any fees when you apply. You can collect your travel document without an appointment. 

Step 1: information about conditions and things to bring along to your appointment

Conditions for making an appointment

  • You are a Dutch national.
  • You are registered in Almere or you have a 'briefadres' (postal address) here.
  • You will always need to be present during applications and collections

What to bring along to your appointment

  • All passports and the identity card you currently have, even if these have expired.
  • A colour passport photograph which meets the requirements. The passport photographs must be no more than 6 months old at the time of the application. You can’t have a passport photograph taken at the municipality.
  • Debit card (for payment).

Step 2: Make an appointment

Make an appointment online via the 'make an appointment' button. Or call 14 036.

Make an appointment 


Costs passport

Passport for persons from 18 years old€ 77.85
Passport for persons from 18 years old with urgency€ 130.85
Passport for persons up to and including 17 years old€ 58.85
Passport for persons up to and including 17 years old with urgency€ 111.85
Business passport€ 77.85
Business passport with urgency€ 130.85

Costs refugee passport

Refugee passport€ 58.85
Refugee passport with urgency€ 111.85

Costs aliens passport

Aliens passport€ 58.85

Passport for children below the age of 18 (consent required)

Children below the age of 18 must apply for a passport with their parents’ consent (authority figure). Parents can provide their digital permission for this at least 2 working days before the appointment. 

Travel document consent form This form is only available in Dutch.

Don't have a DigiD? Then complete the Consent Form (pdf, 0,063Mb) (only in Dutch) and bring this along to the appointment. The signature on the form must be the same as on the proof of identity provided.

Passport collection for children below the age of 12

The applicant is always present as a parent (authority figure) when collecting a passport for a child below the age of 12. Please make sure you bring along the extract of the authority register if authority has been arranged via the courts.

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