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Driving licence

Make an appointment if you have obtained your driving licence for a car or moped or a category expansion. You can also make an appointment to renew your driving licence, or to exchange it for a Dutch driving licence. Plan your appointment as much in advance as possible. The diaries can become quite full during busy periods

Digitally renew your driving licence

You have been able to quickly and easily renew your driving licence digitally, or request a category expansion. You can arrange the application digitally via the RDW’s website. You’ll be able to collect your driving licence from the Burgerzaken counter after 2 working days. You don't need to make an appointment for collecting your driving licence. Take a look at the “Conditions for digital renewal” heading below for the conditions.

Conditions for digital renewal

  • You are registered in the Municipality of Almere’s Personal Records Database (PRD).
  • The application is for a renewal of your current driving licence or a category expansion.
  • You have an Android phone with NFC chip and system version 6.0 or higher or an iPhone 7 or newer.
  • You have the DigiD app. You will need to carry out a one off check on your passport, driving licence or ID card with this.

Online renewal:

  1. Have a passport photograph made in line with the official requirements, by a photographer who is recognised by the RDW. See which licensed photographer is closest to you on the RDW location guide. Take your current driving licence with you to the photographer. You sign when you’re with the photographer. This will appear on your new driving licence. The photographer will digitally and securely send your passport photograph to the RDW. You’ll receive an email from the RDW within a few minutes. This will state whether or not you can renew your driving licence online.
  2. Apply for your driving licence online on the RDW website. Log in with the DigiD app and pay with iDEAL. Online renewal of your driving licence costs 41 euros. 
  3. You can pick your driving licence up from the Burgerzaken counter after 2 working days. You must make an appointment for this.

What to bring along when applying for a driving licence at the counter

  • a valid proof of identity at the time of 1st issue and upon declaration of loss or theft;
  • the current driving licence upon renewal or category expansion;
  • 1 colour passport photograph which meets the requirements (the passport photograph may be no more than 6 months old);
  • debit card.

You will also need a CBR health certificate in the following cases: 

  • if you want to apply for a driving licence for a truck (category C) or bus (category D);
  • if you have a medical condition;
  • if your driving licence expires on or after your seventy-fifth birthday.


Driving license€ 51.10
Driving license with urgency€ 90.75

Need a driving licence urgently?

  • Then you can make use of an urgency procedure. However, there are extra costs associated with this. 
  • If you apply for your driving licence before 13:00 hours, you’ll be able to collect it the next working day after 10:00 hours (subject to change).
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