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Moving to Almere from abroad

If you relocate to Almere from abroad, you need to register as a resident here. There are two ways to go about this process. 

  • Register in person at the city hall of Almere, or
  • Highly skilled migrants or EU citizens can register via IN Amsterdam, of which the city of Almere is a partner.

For the Almere city hall procedure you must register in person at city hall.

Registering for the first time 

  • Make an appointment and then visit the city hall in person at your timeslot.
  • You must be in the Netherlands legally.
  • You must have a residential address in Almere where you can register.

What you need to bring 

  • A valid proof of identity (such as a passport or ID card).
  • An original birth certificate (not a copy).
  • If you are married: an original marriage certificate (not a copy).
  • For children under 16 years of age: a valid proof of identity for the accompanying parent, guardian or care provider. 
  • If you are a legal guardian, proof of this authorisation.
  • Your rental or purchase contract (or the number on the purchase deed ('kadastrale nummer')).
  • If you are going to live with someone, you need written permission from the primary resident or owner (pdf, 73 KB) and a (copy) of their (legitimate) identification.

Please note that the certificate(s) generally needs to be authenticated (legalised/apostille) first. Learn more about authenticating documents

Registering children

  • People who are aged 16 years or older can register on their own.
  • Children under the age of 16 years who want to register must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or care provider. 

Additional certificates from other countries

Depending on your situation, you may also need to show other certificates issued in foreign countries. During your appointment, you will learn which additional documents you need. You will have three months to arrange these documents. You will also need to make a new appointment when you have the additional certificates. 

The IN Amsterdam procedure

IN Amsterdam (formerly Expatcenter Amsterdam) provides a one-stop-shop service for international newcomers in the Amsterdam Area. Companies and their highly skilled migrant employees, scientific researchers, international entrepreneurs and international graduates are served. The IN Amsterdam procedure includes immigration elements such as residence and work permits (including the startup visa), registration with the municipality, the 30% tax ruling and many other official matters. This option may be appealing for international newcomers who wish to minimise their administration and take care of everything at once. Please note, however, that your company or employer must have a recognised sponsor status with the IND.  

Working in the Netherlands

If you wish to work in the Netherlands, you need a residence permit. Which type of permit depends on the type of work you are going to carry out: a single permit (GVVA) or a separate residence permit and work permit (TWV). For more information see the website of the IND, the immigration and naturalisation services.

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