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Registration of death

You need to report someone’s death to the municipality within 6 working days. This can be done via the funeral director. You can make an online appointment if you want to personally notify the municipality, as a next of kin.

Please call 14 036 if you’re unable to schedule an online appointment within 6 working days of the death. We will then schedule an appointment for you.

What to bring along to your appointment

  • your valid proof of identity;
  • a death certificate issued by the doctor (A statement);
  • a statement of the cause of death, if this was issued (B statement).

Notifying organisations

We will draw up a death certificate for you. We will also process the death in the Personal Records Database (PRD). This will ensure all government agencies are immediately informed. Some of these government agencies include the Tax Authorities, the Social Insurance Bank and most pension funds. 

You will need to inform other organisations yourself, like banks and insurance companies. You can use the extract of the death certificate for this purpose. You will usually receive this extract from the funeral director. You can also request the extract (Dutch only) yourself.

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