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Proof of Sponsorship and/or private accommodation

Is someone from abroad coming to stay with you, who will need a visa for the Netherlands? Sometimes private accommodation and/or sponsorship is required for the person who is coming to stay with you. Make an appointment to apply for private accommodation and/or sponsorship.

When should you request this?

Sponsorship means you are prepared to be a financial guarantor for someone. Your partner will also be financially responsible if you are married or have entered into a registered partnership.

You are an accommodation provider if you make your house available for someone to stay, for example for a family visit. 

The civil servant will check whether your signature is authentic during your appointment. Please visit the National Government’s website (Dutch only) for more information.

What to bring along:

  • a valid proof of identity for all people attending the appointment; 
  • Are you only providing accommodation for someone from abroad? Then you can attend on your own. Are you married, or have you entered into a registered partnership and are you attending an appointment for a sponsorship? Then bring your partner along too.
  • a completed form for proof of sponsorship and/or accommodation provided by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service. You can enter 1 person per form;
  • the completed form must not be signed. You will need to sign the form during your appointment when a civil servant is present. 
  • Is the sponsor a different person than the accommodation provider? Then you’ll need to fill in 2 separate forms;
  • You will need to pay for each proof of sponsorship and/or accommodation at your appointment.
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