Certificate of Conduct

Employers and other organisations can request a Certificate of Conduct, a VOG. The Ministry of Security and Justice’s Justice Service will decide whether you will be issued the VOG. You will hear whether you’ll receive the VOG within 2 to 4 weeks. Has your (future) employer applied for your VOG online? Then you can apply for the VOG online via the link you’ll receive in the email.

Make an appointment 

This form is only available in Dutch.

Apply for a VOG at the town hall

Is your employer or client not using an online application, or do you need the VOG for another reason? Then you can apply to the municipality yourself. This is not possible online, you’ll need to make an appointment for this.


  • you are registered as a resident of the Municipality of Almere;
  • you’re applying for the certificate at an employer or client’s request or;
  • you can demonstrate that a VOG is required with, for example, information from a website or a legal provision.


Certificate of Conduct (VOG)€ 41.35

What to bring along to your appointment

  • a valid proof of identity (identity card, passport or driving licence);
  • a fully completed application form. You’ll usually receive this form from the person requesting the VOG. 
  • are you applying for a VOG on behalf of someone else? Please bring the completed authorisation form with you. You will also need a copy of the proof of identity of the person who authorised you;
  • you will need to pay for the VOG. 

We will check your application form during your appointment. Everything must be filled in by the employer or client, including stamps and/or signatures. Otherwise you will not be able to submit your application.

Emergency VOG procedure

You can apply for the VOG urgently in connection with:

  • an adoption procedure;
  • for an employer abroad;
  • in the event of an appointment as a deputy or councillor;
  • candidacy for a position as elected representative.

You will need to notify us during your appointment if you want to start an emergency procedure. You will receive the VOG within 5 working days once your application has been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Security.

Please contact the Ministry of Security and Justice if you have any questions about the VOG or the progress of your application.