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Choosing the child's surname

You can decide on your child’s surname yourself. You need to make an appointment for this online. Or call 14 036 to make an appointment.

Choice of name conditions

  • attend the appointment together with your partner to record your choice of name;
  • you can decide on the choice of name right up to the birth registration. Choosing a name will not be possible after this;
  • the surname you choose for your first child will then automatically apply to all subsequent children from the same relationship;
  • you can choose your child’s surname yourself: your own or your partner's. If you don’t make a choice, your child will automatically be given the surname which the law associates with your child; 
  • it’s not possible to give your child a combination of your surnames if your child has the Dutch nationality at birth;
  • if your child has a nationality other than the Dutch nationality, that country’s naming rights will determine which surname will be given to your child. Please visit the National Government’s website for more information.
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