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Choosing the child's surname

You can choose your child’s surname yourself. This can be done before birth or when you register the birth.

When choosing your first child’s surname, you can choose between the surname of the mother, or the father or duomoeder. The information available on this page is covered by Dutch law. If your child does not have Dutch nationality, but a different nationality, then the surname will be set by the naming laws of that country.

To register the name of your child, visit the lobby of Burgerzaken (Civil Affairs) at Town Hall together with your partner. You can do so before the birth or no later than the birth registration. You cannot authorise your partner, you will have to go to Town Hall together.

Double surname

You can also choose a double surname for your child. This is only possible if your child has a Dutch nationality from birth or by acknowledgement. The surname that you choose for your first child will be used for all other future children of the same parents. Once the surname is registered, you can no longer change this through the municipal government. Only through a judge can you change your child’s surname.

Pregnant in 2023, birth in 2024

Were you pregnant in 2023 and will the child be born in 2024? Would you prefer a double surname for your child? Then you can choose 2 surnames until the end of 2023: a double name if the child will be born in 2024 and a single surname at birth in 2023.

When you acknowledge your child, you can choose for the surname of one of the parents or the surname for both parents. We will register your decision after you book an appointment with Burgerzaken.

Are you married or are you in a civil union and are you expecting your first child in 2024? You can also visit Burgerzaken and register a double surname for your child.

Child already acknowledged?

Has your unborn child already been acknowledged in 2023 and did you not choose a double name at the time? Then you can still choose for a double surname when you register the birth in 2024. Both parents have to be present at the registration.

Double surnames for children that are already born

From the 1st of January to the 31st of December 2024/January 1st to December 31st 2024, you can give your already born child(ren) a double surname. You can do so if:

  • Your child or oldest child was born on or after January 1st, 2016
  • If you had and/or will have multiple children with the same partner, they will automatically have this double surname as well

To register the double surname of your children, you have to visit the Burgerzaken lobby at Town Hall together. You need to make an appointment to do so. You can make an appointment by sending an email to The email has to have the chosen double name, your personal and contact information. From January 1st, 2025, you can no longer give a double surname to your child(ren) born before 2025.



Double surname first child

€ 75,00
Double surname every subsequent child

€ 50,00

Apply new ID for child

Are you changing the child’s surname and do they already have their own ID (identification document)? Then you will have to apply for a new ID with the correct surname. It is the responsibility of the parents to apply for a new ID. You can apply for a new ID after the surname has been changed. Applying for a new ID or passport costs money.

Changing child’s surname upon marriage or partnership

Have you already chosen a surname for your child at their acknowledgement. Are you marrying or entering a civil union with the parent of the child? In this case, you can change your child’s surname once. If you have a double surname, you can choose for the surname of only 1 of the parents. In case of a single surname, you only choose the surname of the other parent.

Notify your civil servant well in advance

You can only change the surname on the day of your marriage or when you register your civil union. Notify a civil servant of the municipal government where you will be married well in advance before your marriage or civil union is registered.


Children below the age of 16 have their surnames chosen by their parents. The name change only applies for all children of the same parent. Children above the age of 16 have to provide written consent as well.


You can find more information or help with your personal situation by sending an email to You can ask question, let us know of your preference for a double surname and leave your personal and contact information by email. We will look at your personal situation and give you appropriate advice. We will do our best to respond to your email within 5 business days.

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