Applying for the Dutch nationality

Would you like to apply for the Dutch nationality? This can be done in two different ways: the naturalisation procedure and the option procedure. Which procedure you follow will depend on your personal situation.

What’s the difference?


Integration is compulsory with naturalisation, unless you have a waiver or exemption. The Immigration and Naturalisation Service (INS) will process your application. The King will decide on the application. Your application will be processed within 12 months.


Integration is not compulsory with the option procedure. The municipality will handle the application. The mayor will ultimately decide on your application. Your application will be processed within 6 months. 

You will first need to make an appointment for an information meeting

You can only make an appointment if you have all the required documents. The IND website (naturalisation | option) lists the documents you need. Please read this information carefully before making an appointment.

You can make an appointment via telephone number 14 036. We will review the documents during your appointment. We won’t be able to determine whether you can submit an application until this has been done. An application can immediately be made during an information meeting in some cases. You would then need to pay for the application immediately too. Take a look at fees for more information.

Make an appointment

This form is only available in Dutch.

The waiting time for an information meeting can currently be as much as six months.

Renouncing your nationality

You will lose your current nationality when you become a Dutch citizen. Sometimes you have to renounce your nationality yourself, but it can also happen automatically. There are also situations where you’re allowed to keep your nationality. The rules are explained on the IND website. You can search for the conditions associated with your nationality per country here.

Laminated documents

We don’t accept laminated documents. This doesn't allow us to check whether the documents are official.


Expats’ laminated documents are sent to the IND for checking. It can take six to eight weeks for you to get the document back. We can only process your application once the documents have been approved by the IND.