Service desks

Do you want to visit the municipality of Almere in person? You can come to the main service desk or one of the other service desks in city hall. You'll find most of the service desks in city hall, Stadhuisplein 1, 1315 HR Almere Stad. Servicepunt Z, Budget Bureau Almere and Werkplein Almere are located outside of city hall.

The main service desk in city hall is open:

Monday to Friday: 8.30-17.00h
Thursday: 8.30-20.00h

Note: Some of the service desks can be very busy. To avoid waiting, you can make an appointment for mosts municipal products and services. We will help you at the agreed time. Use our digital service desk 'Digitaal Loket' or call 14 036.

Budget Bureau Almere

Budget Bureau Almere is a municipal service that helps people with budget problems. To do so, the municipality collaborates with various other organizations in Almere.

Contact us in time!

If you wait to contact us until you are in a critical situation, it is harder for us to help you. That is why you shouldn't wait too long!


Do you want to apply for help with your budget problems? Visit our open consultation hours between 9.00 and 11.30h or between 13.00 and 15.30h. You can also reach us by phone between 9.00 and 12.30h and between 13.00 and 17.00h at (036) 527 72 22.

Budget Bureau Almere
WTC Alnovum
Black building, 6th floor
P.J. Oudweg 1
1314 CH Almere
T (036) 527 72 22
F (036) 527 72 23

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Regulations and permits

You can contact the regulations and permits department ('Vergunningen, Toezicht en Handhaving') for all your questions and permit applications. Appointments are mandatory. You can make an appointment quickly and efficiently though our digital service desk ‘Digitaal Loket’. Do you prefer contacting us personally? You can call 14 036 (on workdays between 8.30 and 17.00 h).

Opening hours

  • Monday 12.00-17.00h
  • Tuesday 9.00-13.00h
  • Wednesday 9.00-13.00h
  • Thursday 12.00-17.00h
    + Thursdays in the even weeks 18.00-20.00h
  • Friday 9.00-13.00h

Questions about development plans

Due to legal restrictions we cannot give out information about development plans over the telephone. When you have a question about a development plan, we advize you to visit the main service desk at city hall.

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Werkplein Almere is the public employment service available to anyone who is looking for a (new) job. Werkplein also assists organisations in their staffing needs.

The municipality of Almere and UWV WERKbedrijf (national public employment service) have joined forces in Werkplein Almere. The specialists on hand offer advice, information and counselling to job seekers.

Employer service team

The employer service team is part of Werkplein Almere and is there for local entrepreneurs. The team offers practical custom-made support in the recruitment and placement of motivated and skilled personnel. The team also advises employers on subsidies, compensation for work-place alterations and funding for personnel education.

Werkplein Almere
Randstad 20-04
1314 BA Almere
Telephone: (+31) 36 750 75 75

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Social services

Do you have questions concerning work and income? We are happy to answer them at the main service desk or the social services desk ('balie Sociale Zaken') in Almere city hall. You can visit the social services desk during our open consultation hours in the morning (every workday). In the afternoon you can only visit the social services desk with an appointment.

Opening hours social services ('Sociale Zaken')

  • walk-in hours Monday to Friday 9.00 - 12.00h
  • Appointment only: Monday to Friday 9.00 - 16.00h

You can visit the open consultation hours:

  • to apply for an advance, when public employment service UWV WERKbedrijf has referred you to social services
  • to apply for welfare benefits
  • to apply for compensation of child-care costs
  • to get information about civic integration
  • to submit income forms or other forms
  • to copy documents
  • to read brochures, leaflets and newsletters
  • to ask general questions
  • to set an appointment with your income consultant or client manager

Visiting address

You'll find the social services desk in the C-wing of Almere city hall, Stadhuisplein 1, Almere.

Want to make an appointment?

You can visit city hall or you can call us at 14 036 (on workdays between 8.30 and 17.00h).

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Civic affairs

Opening hours civic affairs department ('Burgerzaken') | Appointments only
Monday-Friday 9.00 - 17.00h

Avoid waiting, make an appointment!

An appointment is mandatory for all of our products and services. Use our digital service desk 'Digitaal Loket' to reserve a date and time. You can also call the municipality at telephone number 14 036 (on workdays between 8.30 and 17.00h; only available from the Netherlands).

When you arrive for your appointment

When you arrive at city hall for your appointment, you can announce yourself by entering your citizen service number (BSN number) at the terminal in the main hall or in the civic affairs waiting area. There is no need to announce your arrival at the service desk. So if you have an appointment, please have your BSN number ready. You can find your BSN number on your identity card/passport or on your insurance card.

Scheduled appointments, walk-ins and online services

For all of our products and services, an appointment is mandatory. A selected number of products is available online through our digital service desk 'Digitaal Loket'. The digital service desk is open 24 hours a day and you won't have to come to city hall.

 Appointment onlyAvailable online
Alien's passportx 
Refugee passportx 
Moving to the city from abroadx 
Acknowledging unborn childx 
Registration of movexx
Extract from the Municipal Personal Records Database (GBA)xx
Attest of nationalityxx
Attest de Vitaxx
Certificate of Good Conductx 
Driving licence, passport, identity cardx 
Validation signaturex 
Information about naturalisationx 
Information about marriage licencex 
Birth certificatex 


There are exceptions for a number of products:

Picking up your travel document or driving licence

Exchaning driving licence

Getting a marriage licence

You do not need an appointment to pick up one of these products
Monday-Friday: 9.00 - 17.00h
Thursday: 9.00 - 20.00h
Saturday: 10.00 - 15.00h

It is not possible to exchange your driving licence during our Thursday walk-in hours.

You can get a marriage licence on workdays between 9.00 and 15.30. Make an appointment by calling 14 036.


Almere City Archives

The Almere City Archives ('Stadsarchief Almere') is the municipal historical documentation center. It is a historical and topographical archive that contains documents, maps, books and a considerable collection of photographic and audio-visual material. It maintains the archives of the municipality of Almere, as well as those of private organisations and individual residents.

Throughout the year, Stadsarchief Almere offers a range of educational activities and (photo) exhibitions that center on the city's historical heritage. The exhibtions can be found in either Almere City Hall or in the neighbouring public library 'de nieuwe bibliotheek' at Stadhuisplein 101.


Almere's digital archive - - is a valuale resource providing access to a wealth of materials available in digital form for historical research. The database contains PDF-files of local public policy documents (1976 to 1984) and a photo collection featuring some 15,000 images. The remaining documents preserved by Stadsarchief Almere are listed in inventories. These brief descriptions can be searched in their entirety.

Contributing to Almere's collective memory

Official histories, personal images and memories of local personalities and events are vital elements in building and preserving Almere's collective memory. Stadsarchief Almere welcomes documents, photographs and audio-visual materials to enrich its collection.

Consultation hours

Stadsarchief Almere reserves weekly consultation hours on the fourth floor of the public library in Almere's city center (Stadhuisplein 101). On Thursdays from 13.00 to 16.00 o'clock you can request* or submit materials pertaining to the history of Almere. Stadsarchief Almere can also be reached through telephone number 14 036 (only accessible from the Netherlands) or

*Do you want to consult materials from the City Archives? Let us know at least half a day in advance through telephone number 14 036 or through stadsarchiefverberg

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Bureau Archeologie

Following the Valletta Treaty (also known as the Malta Convention, 1992), archaeological monument care and heritage preservation is an integral part of overall spatial planning practices in Almere. Building sites and other planning and development areas are investigated for archaeological remains by municipal archaeologists.

Throughout the year, the municipal archaeology department (‘Bureau Archeologie’) offers a range of events, exhibitions and educational programmes that introduce the general public to the rich history of the city’s soil.

Bureau Archeologie
Postbus 200
1300 AE Almere
Telephone: 14 036

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Business information desk

In June of this year, the municipality of Almere and the Chamber of Commerce Gooi-, Eem- and Flevoland opened Almere's brand new business information desk ('Ondernemersloket').

The business information desk was set up using a stimulus budget earmarked in the 2010 coalition agreement to accellerate Almere's economic growth. It is an instrument aimed at improving the service to local entrepreneurs. With the entrepreneurs in mind, the municipality works on getting its regulations and procedures in line with the needs of the business community and of other initiatives. Alderman Ben Scholten (Economic Development): "We will make our service to the local entrepreneurs quicker, simpler and more transparent."

How does it work?

In the initial stages, the service of the business information desk is mainly aimed at quick and integral processing of settlement and permit questions. Over the course of 2011, the information desk will be able to handle all types of questions from entrepreneurs. The information desk - both a fysical desk and an internet service - stands for a new and transparent process. Complete with well-defined responsibilities for the staff and close cooperation between departments.

Business plaza

Now the business information desk is up and running, the municipality and the Chamber of Commerce are looking at ways to work together in the future. The ultimate goal is a 'business plaza'. At the business plaza entrepreneurs can quickly make business arrangements, be inspired and share knowledge. It is an inspiring, open location where interaction between entrepreneurs is encouraged.

To make an appointment at the business service desk or to ask business-related questions, call 14 036 (or +31 36 539 99 11 if you are calling from abroad) or send an e-mail to infoverberg

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