International New Town Institute

Almere initiated the establishment of the International New Town Institute (INTI). INTI is an independent scientific research institute focusing on new towns all over the world.

The institute’s research topics cover past, present and future. It aims to deepen insight in the new town phenomenon by studying theory and practice of new town development, the specific conditions and experiences of their initial development and their comparative social strengths and weaknesses as against existing cities and towns. The New Town Institute is especially interested in the role of the different actors in their development such as public authorities, citizens, companies and special interest groups.

INTI initiates studies, offers educational programmes, and organizes public events and lectures. The institute's research projects are carried out by BA, MA and PhD students along with various other researchers.

Address and contact information
International New Town Institute (INTI)
Esplanade 10
1315 TA Almere