New Town

Almere is a new, planned town that has only existed for forty six years. The short history of the town and its planned character are elements that connect it to other adolescent cities in Europe. Within the European network, Almere functions as a successful example of a planned town in a metropolitan area.

New towns often share a typical history and growth pattern. In their transition to urban adulthood they strive to create a strong individual identity, bring their facilities up to par with their current and/or prospective size and accommodate social, economical and cultural diversity.

European New Town Platform

In 2001, Almere took the initiative to pool the resources of European new towns in a European platform aimed at knowledge exchange, networking and lobbying activities. The European New Town Platform (ENTP) has two main purposes:

  1. For its members: to work as a platform to exchange information, share good practices and implement common projects.
  2. At the European level: to work as an advocacy body to represent the New Towns, promote them and strengthen their role on a regional and transnational level.

Almere is also an associated partner of Eurocities. Eurocities provides a platform for its 140 member cities to exchange knowledge, experience and innovative solutions through a wide range of forums, working groups and events. Almere is a member of Eurocities’ economic forum, in line with its ambition to create 100,000 new jobs by 2030.


In the Netherlands, the 32 largest cities have established cooperations on various topics, such as the lobby towards the European institutions. Within the so-called ‘G40’ platform, Almere participates in the strategic working group on European issues. In collaboration with cities like Eindhoven and Enschede the urban challenges are discussed in light of European developments regarding the 2020 strategy.