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Almere Principles


Almere was established as a suburban city, providing a sustainable alternative to the dense, urbanised metropolitan region of Amsterdam. The city was built implementing a multi-centred structure and incorporating the surrounding water and nature as much as possible. In the decades to come, Almere will continuously renew and transform itself as it will evolve from a young city into a mature one.


The intended growth of Almere will take place in an ecologically, socially and economically sustainable fashion. The aim of the national government, the provincial government of Flevoland and the municipality of Almere is to position Almere as a national demonstration site for the large-scale implementation of sustainable systems. The joint desire is to turn Almere into an icon of sustainability.


To inspire everyone contributing to the future of the city, the Almere Principles were defined in concurrence with international sustainability expert William McDonough.


  1. Cultivate diversity
    To enrich the city, we acknowledge diversity as a defining characteristic of robust ecological, social and economic systems. By appraising and stimulating diversity in all areas, we can ensure Almere will continue to grow and thrive as a city rich in variety.
  2. Connect place and context
    To connect the city we will strengthen and enhance its identity. Based on its own strength and on mutual benefit, the city will maintain active relationships with its surrounding communities at large.
  3. Combine city and nature
    To give meaning to the city we will consciously aim to bring about unique and lasting combinations of the urban and natural fabric, and raise awareness of human interconnectedness with nature.
  4. Anticipate change
    To honor the evolution of the city we will incorporate generous flexibility and adaptability in our plans and programs, in order to facilitate unpredictable opportunities for future generations.
  5. Continue innovation
    To advance the city we will encourage improved processes, technologies and infrastructures, and we will support experimentation and the exchange of knowledge.
  6. Design healthy systems
    We will utilize ‘cradle to cradle’ solutions, recognizing the interdependence, at all scales, of ecological, social and economic health.

Empower people to make the city
Acknowledging citizens to be the driving force in creating, keeping and sustaining the city, we facilitate them in pursuing their unique potential