Almere 2.0

From the moment of its establishment in 1976, Almere has been one of the fastest growing cities in Europe . In just a few decades it has attracted over 217,000 residents and 24.750 businesses. Almere is one of the four main cities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and the seventh largest city in the Netherlands and is still undergoing considerable development. The Draft Strategic Vision Almere 2.0 was designed to stimulate this growth.

In an effort to provide relief and to offer new qualities to the dense, urbanised north-western region of the Netherlands, the central and provincial governments have asked Almere to expand. This will entail building 60,000 new houses and creating 100,000 new jobs and related facilities. The Draft Strategic Vision Almere 2.0 was developed with organic growth in mind. It is explicitly not a blueprint that has to be meticulously followed once we start the implementation process. The city will grow at its own pace, based on discernible market demand.