Waste and recycling

Waste & Recycling

Almere’s ambition is to become a city without waste. The city’s goal is that by 2020, each citizen only produces 50kg of household waste per year. At the moment, around 75% of the household waste collected doesn’t belong in it, such as paper, plastic, glass or organic waste. By separating these raw materials, they can be reused, meaning fewer raw materials are needed to create new products. By working together to separate waste, we contribute to building a city without waste.

The municipality is responsible for waste collection in the city, utilising waste bins and (underground) containers. There are three recycling stations (recyclingperrons) where you can discard your waste for free. And there is a free collection service for bulky waste that may otherwise be difficult to transport. In addition, the municipality cleans up litter in the city and takes care of illegal dumping. 

Depending on your housing situation, there are usually underground waste containers (often near apartment buildings) or individual bins for homes. Green containers are for organic waste and general household waste (with internal compartments for separation). Blue containers are for plastic. You can request an extra blue container for paper and an extra green container for organic waste. 

Either the green or blue bin is emptied each week. You can find the waste collection schedule online. It’s available to download as a PDF or you can install a mobile app (Android or iOS) to remind you of the collection days. You can also call the city via 14 036 and request a paper version of the waste collection schedule (afvalkalender). 

Bulky waste 

You can have your bulky waste and household chemical waste (KGA) collected by the municipality. Make an appointment online by filling in the digital form (in Dutch only). The waiting time for the free collection of bulky waste is around two weeks.

Recycling stations (Recyclingperrons) 

At the city’s recycling stations you can deliver all waste materials that do not go in the waste containers at home. At the recycling stations there are different containers for plastics, wood, metal, garden waste etc. You will be assisted to deposit your waste in the right container.


  • Recyclingperron Almere Poort, Argonweg 81, 1302 AD 
  • Recyclingperron Almere Buiten, Vlotbrugweg 36, 1332 AJ 
  • Upcyclecentrum Almere Haven, De Steiger 113, 1351 AK

 Upcycling Centre 

In December 2017, the first Upcycling Centre in the Netherlands opened in Almere Haven (De Steiger 113, 1351 AK Almere). You can take waste here from Monday to Saturday, from 09.00 to 17.00. Your unwanted goods can now be reused, redesigned or rebuilt to give them a new economic value. In doing so, this centre is making a positive contribution to Almere’s ambition to be a waste-free and energy-neutral city.