Parking is always convenient in Almere. There are plenty of parking spaces throughout the city, in enclosed parking garages, parking lots and with on-street parking. If you prefer to get around by bike, there are also several bicycle parking facilities. As such, Almere provides sufficient safe and clean parking options for residents, businesses and visitors. 

As Almere is home to a number of centres spread throughout the city districts, there is always sufficient parking nearby all major shopping and entertainment areas. The city has invested strongly in providing safe and clean parking garages and parking lots. If instead you opt for street parking, you can pay using your mobile phone or purchase a parking ticket from a machine. Check the map to see the paid parking areas and parking garages in Almere Stad and Almere Buiten. You can park for free in the other major centres in Almere. 

Blue zones 

In areas where there is no paid parking (as yet), a blue zone may apply instead. In these zones you can only park for a limited time and you must display a parking disc in the windscreen of your vehicle. The maximum parking time varies per city district and by area – please check the signs on the street. Always mark your arrival time on your parking disc before leaving your vehicle (you can round this up to the next full or half hour). If you exceed the maximum parking time, you risk receiving a parking fine. 

P+R in Almere (Park and Ride) 

P+R means Park and Ride. At P+R sites in Almere, drivers can park next to bus or train stations, as to easily switch to public transport. This results in fewer traffic jams on the roads and reduces pollution. There are currently five P+R sites in the city:

  • P+R Almere Muziekwijk
  • P+R Almere 't Oor
  • P+R Almere Oostvaarders
  • P+R Almere Buiten
  • P+R Almere Parkwijk