Getting around

Getting around

Almere is located 30 km east of Amsterdam and can easily be reached by car or public transport. Here you can find information and tips for getting to and around Almere. 

Public transport in and around Almere 


Almere has an excellent public transport system. More than 20 bus lines quickly and safely transport residents and visitors to their destinations in and around the city region. Within Almere’s city boundaries the buses travel on dedicated bus lanes, optimising traffic circulation and ensuring efficient connections between bus stops. The principle operator in and around Almere is the company Keolis, using the name allGo. 

The allGo formula provides a high performance and frequent city bus service in Almere. During rush hour in the morning and evening, most of the lines have a frequency of between six and 12 buses per hour. Outside peak hours there are four to eight buses per hour. The bus schedules, routes and live travel updates can be found on the website of allGo


Almere is well-connected with direct rail routes to Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, Utrecht, Lelystad and Zwolle. The city currently has six railway stations: 

  • Almere Poort
  • Almere Muziekwijk
  • Almere Centrum
  • Almere Parkwijk
  • Almere Buiten
  • Almere Oostvaarders 

Train operator NS is one of the most modern railway companies in Europe. There are direct rail connections between Almere and Amsterdam, Utrecht, Groningen, The Hague and other cities, either by Intercity or by Sprinter. The Intercity trains only stop at the Almere Centrum and Almere Buiten stations, offering a fast connection to other major cities. The Sprinter services stop at all stations. The direct train from Schiphol Airport to Almere takes about 30 minutes. 

Public transport route planner 

You can plan your route using the 9292 website. Simply enter your start location along with your end destination, then choose your route. 

Public transport chip card (OV-chipkaart) 

The public transport chip card (OV-chipkaart) is a payment method for public transportation in the Netherlands. The smart card is the size of a credit card and contains an invisible chip. The public transport chip card can be loaded with credit or travel products (allGo trips, train tickets, travel passes, etc) and can be used anywhere in the Netherlands in trains, metros, buses and trams. There are personal, anonymous and disposable public transport chip cards. 

The personal card can be purchased on the official OV-chipkaart website or from your public transport company (e.g. Keolis, NS) – as it must display a photo of you, the card is typically printed and sent to your home. The anonymous card can be bought at the ticket office and at station vending machines – this allows the holder to travel immediately. A disposable card can also be purchased at the ticket office or station vending machines, but it cannot be re-charged or loaded with anything other than the original travel product. 

At the start of your journey, you check in by holding your public transport chip card up to the chip card symbol at the check in/out device. If you do not have a specific travel product on your card, a boarding fee (€4.00, for example, when travelling by bus) will be deducted from your credit. When you disembark, check out by holding your card up to the check in/out device once again. The actual travel costs (based on the distance travelled) will be deducted from the boarding fee and the remaining credit will be reimbursed to your card. 

If you have any questions about getting around in Almere, the public transport chip card, or require assistance using or loading your card, visit the VVV tourist office in Almere's city centre (De Diagonaal 199).  

Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket 

On sale at the VVV tourist office (De Diagonaal 199)

The Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket is a special ticket facilitating public transport in and around the Amsterdam region. The ticket is valid on the Connexxion, allGo, GVB and EBS buses, Amsterdam’s metro and trams, as well as NS trains in the Amsterdam Area. It works similarly to the public transport chip card (OV-chipkaart), but is restricted to the Amsterdam Area. You can choose a card for one, two or three days (see below).

  • 1-day card is €18.50
  • 2-day card is €26.00
  • 3-day card is €33.50 

Conditions apply to the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket:

  1. The tickets are valid on all GVB, Connexxion, allGo, EBS tram, bus and metro lines (including night lines) and NS trains in the Amsterdam Area.
  2. Tickets are valid per calendar day. The card will be activated immediately when you check in for the first time. A day starts at midnight and ends at 04.00 the following day.
  3. You are required to check in and check out every time you board or exit any means of transport.
  4. These tickets are not valid on Syntus or Arriva services (with the exception of the Arriva bus lines to the Keukenhof from March through May). 


The estimated travel time from Amsterdam to Almere is approximately 30 minutes. You can use Google Maps to plan your route. There are ample parking options available in Almere's city centre. 


Almere has separate cycling paths, which are very safe to use and are often the fastest way to go from A to B. Cycling enthusiasts are in for a treat along the numerous routes that make up Almere's extensive cycling infrastructure. There are also plenty of free manned and unmanned bicycle parking spots and a good repair shop is never far away.

Bicycles can be rented at various locations in the city, including train stations Almere Centrum and Almere Buiten and the VVV tourist office. Pick up a varied selection of cycling routes from the VVV tourist office in Almere's city centre (De Diagonaal 199) or simply map out your own route by following the signposts of the city-wide cycle node network. You just follow the signposts from one numbered node to the next. At each node you will find a map showing all the numbered intersections of the various radiating routes.