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Living in Almere

Building your own house

Almere’s residents are the driving force in creating, keeping and sustaining the city. They also have their own specific ideas and needs when it comes to their built environment. That is why the municipality of Almere encourages wide-scale private and collective commissioning as an alternative to the more common institutionalized ways of building houses.

Building a dream house

Throughout Almere there are hundreds of building plots available in every possible price range and size. Prospective private commissioners are supported by the municipality and by professionals from the urban building, planning and design sector (architects, contractors, etc.) throughout the entire process of building their dream house. They can either implement their own design ideas or modify a catalogue design to their own specifications.

Home ownership available to all

For most low-income families and first time buyers in the Netherlands, home ownership and private commissioning are merely a distant dream. In Almere, however, the municipal authorities have joined forces with a housing cooperative to make home ownership available to families and individuals with an annual income as low as € 20.000. These families are able to buy their own homes and to tailor the designs to their own personal tastes and needs.

The first so-called Ibba-homes ('Ik bouw betaalbaar in Almere' or I build affordably in Almere) have been completed in new residential district Homeruskwartier (Almere Poort).