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Getting around in Almere

Public transportation

Almere boasts an excellent system of public transportation. Over 20 bus lines quickly and safely transport residents and visitors to their destinations in and around the city region. Within Almere’s city boundaries the buses travel on dedicated bus lanes, optimizing traffic circulation and ensuring efficient connections between bus stops.

The allGo formula provides a high performance and frequent citybus service in Almere. During rush hour in the morning and evening, most of the lines have a frequency between
6 and 12 buses per hour. In the period in between from 4 to 8 buses per hour.
The principle operator in and around Almere is Keolis. 

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Almere is also well-connected by direct rail routes to its adjoining municipalities and to Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport, Utrecht, Lelystad and Zwolle. The city currently has six railway stations:

  • Almere Centrum
  • Almere Muziekwijk
  • Almere Parkwijk
  • Almere Buiten
  • Almere Oostvaarders
  • Almere Poort

Railway operator NS (or Nederlandse Spoorwegen) is one of the most modern railway companies in Europe.

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The OV-chipcard

The OV-chipcard is a payment method for public transportation in the Netherlands. The smart card is the size of a credit card and contains an invisible chip. The OV-chipcard can be loaded with credit or travel products (Allgo trips, train tickets) and can be used anywhere in the Netherlands in trains, metros, buses and trams. There are personal, anonymous and disposable OV-chipcards.

The personal card can be purchased on the OV-chipcard's official webpage or from your public transport company (e.g. Keolis, NS). The anonymous card can be bought at the ticket office and at station vending machines.

The disposable card can be purchased at station vending machines. This card allows the holder to travel immediately, but it cannot be re-charged or loaded with another than the original travel product.

At the start of your journey, you check in by holding your OV-chipcard up to the chipcard symbol at the check in/out device. If you do not have a specific travel product on your card, a boarding fee (€ 4,00) will be deducted from your credit. When you disembark, check out by holding your card up to the check in/out device once again. The actual travel costs (based on the distance travelled) will be deducted from the boarding fee and the remaining credit will be reimbursed to your card.

Do you have any questions about getting around in Almere or about the OV-chipcard? Or do you want help using or loading your card? Visit the VVV tourist office in Almere's city center (Diagonaal 199).  

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Cycling is an excellent way to discover the city. Cycling enthusiasts are in for a treat along the numerous routes that make up Almere's extensive bicycle infrastructure. There are plenty of free manned and unmanned lock-ups and a good repair shop is never far away.

Bicycles can be rented at various locations in the city, including railway stations Almere Centrum and Almere Buiten. You'll find a varied selection of cycling routes at the VVV tourist office in Almere's city center (Diagonaal 199). You can also map out your own route by following the signposts of the city-wide cycle node network. You just follow the signposts from one numbered node to the next. At each node you will find a map showing all the numbered intersections of the various radiating routes.

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