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ICT and media companies make Almere the most intelligent town

Almere offers plenty of opportunities for ICT and media companies. Leading entrepreneurs Media Hove, pro start, National Gaming Centre and Stokvis & Stokvis are now convinced of Almere as a business location. These companies see the value of making connections. These include the excellent infrastructure links in the form of a fiber optic network which is available everywhere in Almere. Through extensive collaboration between entrepreneurs (active in the ICT and media sectors), a strong network of connections is apparent.

With a relatively young and progressive society, Almere has an innovative business environment for ICT and media companies. Up-coming talents, the so-called New Urban Creatives Almere (Nuca's) are doing good business with large companies. Moreover, Almere’s ICT and media companies deliver a demonstrable economic contribution to the healthcare sector and media and entertainment industries in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

Almere offers entrepreneurs in the Almere Data Capital program a sustainable ecosystem of knowledge and activities surrounding the storage and processing of big data. In Almere we work with a Smart society as ICT companies are focused on big data analytics and new media.
Would you like to be part of this Smart Society? Let us know what your plans are and contact the Information Technology team of Almere.

More info via F. Halsema

Smart Society Almere
Through Almere Smart Society municipalities are collaboratively working with international companies to innovate Almere. There is a strategic long term agenda as well as concrete examples developed for the short term. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of life of people and the business environment with the help of ICT.

Together we can make the business life in Almere better, easier and cheaper. And if we're at it more fun. Almere Data Capital is a visionary program that emerged from the Economic Development Board Almere to seize opportunities and possibilities offered by the development of Big Data. Almere is working hard becoming a ‘hot spot’, where innovation and progress in IT gets all the space and support that it so urgently needs. More information can be found on the Almere Data Capital website.