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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness: Is Almere the healthiest city?

The health sector is dynamic. The healthcare consumer is becoming more demanding, the health care system is constantly changing and innovations follow one another in rapid succession. Prevention can make people and society healthier and provide a solution to the ever increasing cost of health care, partly as a result of aging. The current government has plans in progress for the funding and implementation of long-term care. However, there is still much more that needs to be changed in this sector.

Almere wants to help launch a social movement with a focus on health . Almere has a relatively young population and a healthy youth is the future. At the same time our population is aging. In Almere there are many opportunities to initiate lasting changes by focusing on a healthy youth and to meet the care needs of the elderly. Autonomy and ability to make healthy choices are important prerequisites to achieve that sustainable change.

A healthy foundation

Fortunately Almere offers a sound base for you to initiate in the health sector. As a city with a growing but aging population, we work with our partners on:

• A complete range of primary and secondary healthcare facilities

• The creation of new , small-scale residential care through intensive cooperation between corporations, insurance companies, developers, investors, technology companies and healthcare providers.

• Smart technology driven systems and access to local data

• Encouraging a healthy lifestyle , especially for young people.

All this focus on a healthy lifestyle in the green and clean environment of Almere. This development is in line with Growing Green Cities ( GGC ) with the pillar Healthying the City. GGC is the overall philosophy of the Floriade 2022 .

What does the municipality of Almere offer?

• Physical space and bright and smooth implementation of regulations for health-related initiatives

• Access to a broad network of leading companies engaged in R & D, logistics, healthcare , e-health , sales & services around health care

• Strengthening the network with new players

• A wide range of courses which makes us able to make your (health care) professionals qualified to train in our town.

Would you like to contribute to a healthy Almere? Let us know what your plans are and contact Team Health & Wellness of Almere : 0653737444 or send an email to A. Veluwenkamp (link to email address) 

Growing Green Cities

In 2022 the Floriade will be organized in Almere. In the next decade the Almere municipality will try to bring together the horticultural sector, research institutes and "green" entrepreneurs in Flevoland to develop and test innovations together . ‘A call to action’ for Growing Green Cities. Almere will thereby not only be the driving force for knowledge and innovation, but it will also be an experimental place, a place where innovations can be tested. In the run up to and during the Floriade, Almere offers plenty of space for (large-scale) implementations of innovations in the field of Growing Green Cities.