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Cluster Approach

Our second track is to strengthen the Almere business landscape. We would like to maintain what we have and at the same time economically develop our city . There are also potential clusters we must develop by: what makes our city distinctive and which clusters give more power to the identity of Almere?

Entrepreneurs can grow when they innovate. Encouraging economic renewal is possible through cooperation between businesses , educational and research institutions and governments in and around Almere ( = cluster approach ). From this collaboration new connections can emerge between these parties and hence innovations to the market place. Past experiences have shown that new products and services usually emerge from the collaboration between different sectors instead of the same sector. Therefore, we continue our previously deployed cluster approach.

We want to broaden the cluster approach by also looking for solutions to social problems. We employ the opportunities entrepreneurs see in the market as a guide for solutions. The cluster approach is evolving from:

- Health and wellness

- Circular economy

- Big Data applications and Smart society

Past experiences have shown  that innovations often emerge by not using the 'appropriate' pathways. This is in our opinion not exhaustive. In preparation for the Floriade we want to challenge businesses to address innovative solutions to social issues in Almere New Town / Growing Green City.

In addition to the broadening of the cluster approach, we also want to facilitate specific boundary conditions, which result from the demand of entrepreneurs from these clusters. Possible examples are centers of expertise (such as the existing Big Data Value Center and Jan van Es Institute ), specific programs (such as the current professorships Big Data at Windesheim and Green entrepreneurship CAH) or the financing of SMEs (such as the Technofonds) f

Logistics & trade and Lelystad Airport with airport-related activity remain promising sectors that are important for the economy of Almere. However, this means that the cluster approach is no longer applicable to it.